Singapore Holidays 2014


Singapore Holidays 2014

         One of the most attractive tourist destination in the world is Singapore. With amazing atmosphere and unlike other Asian countries, high-standard daily life, Singapore is must-see country. While planning a travel to Singapore, public holidays and festivals of Singapore should be taken into consideration by visitors. Colorful streets, wonderful and charming entertainment should not be missed by the guests. Most of the significant holidays and festivals in Singapore are as follows :


Singapore Chinese New Year

1- New Year Eve ( Jan 1 ) : Like great majority of countries, New Year Eve is celebrating with big rage in Singapore. Countdown in Singapore is a wonderful event.

2- Chinese New Year ( Jan 31 ) : Most important occasion at Chinese New Year is family reunion. Like in China, This important day is celebrating and bringing family together in order to wish for luck and prosperity for new year. They give red packet “ang pow” to the children or parents to signify blessings.


Singapore New Year Eve

3- Good Friday ( April 18 ) : One of the Christian holiday is good friday that Jesus Christ was put to death on a wooden cross.

4- Labor Day ( May 1 ) : Also known as May Day which is celebrated worldwide. It is the day that commemorates the eight-hour day for workers. In Singapore, there are special exhibitions and sales at the shopping stores.

5- Vesak Day ( May 13 ) : Vesak Day is a holy day for Buddhists. Vesak day is celebrated for the Nirvana and Parinirvana of Guatama Buddha. On Vesak Day, worshippers of Buddhism are swept to the temples and temples are decorated flawlessly.


Singapore Vesak Day

6- Hari Raya Puasa ( Jul 29 ) : Holy day for Muslim. Hari Raya Puasa marks the end of Ramadan.

7- National Day ( Aug 9 ) : National day is celebration for the independence of Singapore from Malaysia. Prime Minister of Singapore is addressed at the festival and National Day Parade and fireworks are worth to see events at the day.

8- Hari Raya Haji ( Oct 6 ) : Eid al-Adha is an Islamic festival and important day for Muslims.

9- Deepa Vali ( Oct 23 )

10- Christmas Day ( Dec 25) :

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