Russia Holidays 2014


Russia Holidays 2014

       Cold country Russia has some national public holidays. However, in comparison to other countries, the number of holidays in Russia are quite less. But, Russian people know how to celebrate. Food, drink, city specific festivities are inevitable for a celebration. Furthermore, gorgeous concerts, big fireworks and speeches are amazing activities of the public holidays in Russia 2014.


Russia New Year

New Years Day ( Jan 1 ) : Like any other countries except Israel, huge celebration occur in Russia at the first day of Gregorian calendar. Good concerts and fireworks show are good part of the celebration.

Orthodox Christmas Day ( Jan 7 ) : The Orthodox church declares January 7 as the birth day of Jesus.

Russia Orthodox Christmas Day

Russia Orthodox Christmas Day

Defence of the Motherland ( Feb 23 ) : Also known as Red Army Day. The day firstly celebrated as “Day of the Birth of the Red Army” then it was changed as “Day of the Red Army”. In 1946, day is again changed as “Day of Soviet Army and Navy”.

Labour Day ( May 1 ) : Labour Day is celebrating all around the world in order to commemorate  the achievement of the labour movement.

Victory Day ( May 9 ) : Russian people celebrates May 9 because it is the day that Russia defeats Nazi Germany and end of the Second World War that Russia lost over 20 million people.


Russia Victory Day

National Day ( Jun 12 ) : The National Day of Russian Federation, declaration day for Russia’s independence from USSR.

Day of Unity ( Nov 4 ) : Newest holiday in Russia since 2004. Liberation of Moscow from Polish troops in 1612.


Russia Day of Unity

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