Australia Holidays 2014


Australia public holidays 2014

       (Australia Holidays Calender 2014 | Australia Public Holidays) Australia is an expert country and continent about holidays. Especially, three-day holidays with the weekend presents great opportunity for relaxing and enjoying with family. There are many public, national holidays in Australia. Besides public holidays, Multi-religion Australia is hosted many religion-based holidays as well.

                Thanks to good climate in Australia, Australian people generally swarms to the beaches and natural parks. Some of the prominent holidays in Australia are :


Australia Holidays 2014

New Year’s Day ( Jan 1 ) : As many countries the first day of the year ( based on Gregorian calendar) is celebrating with joyful harmony. The special and peculiar characteristic of Australia is that Australia is one of the countries that celebrates new year firstly due to its position.


Australia New Year Eve

Australia Day ( Jan 26 ) : The establishment of first European settlement and arriving first fleet from England. People prefers to relaxing and enjoying events like going to picnic or playing sports etc.

Canberra Day ( Mar 10 ) : Canberra’s official founding in 1913 and common public holiday in Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

Adelaide Cup ( Mar 10 ) : Horse racing event.


Australia Day

Good Friday ( Apr 18 ) : It is a common Christian holiday and declared as national holiday. Crucifixion of Jesus Christ is memorized.

Easter Saturday ( Apr 19 ) : It is a national holiday after good friday.

Easter Monday ( Apr 20 )

Anzac Day ( Apr 25 ) : ANZAC ( Australian and New Zealand Army Cops) who died in military actions during wars are remembered.

Australia ANZAC Day

Australia ANZAC Day

Queen’s Birthday ( Jun 9 ) : A member of Commonwealth of nations with the British monarch.

Family & Community Day ( Sep 29 ) : In ACT, the day to spend with the family and friends.

Labour Day ( Oct 6 ) : It has different days and dates in different territory. Eight-hours day in Tasmania and May Day in Northern Territory are all celebrating the worker’s contribution to the economy.

Christmas Day ( Dec 25 ) : Celebrating the birth of Jesus.

Boxing Day ( Dec 26 )



Boxing Day

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